Tyler Durden and Multipersonality Disorder:

Ever Seen the movie Aparichit? 


So, Vihan left Tradetron after screwing lots of clients in process as literal no one made money which can be verified by his strategy stats. Combine that with Tradetron’s fee and Vihan’s monster fee and API cost (if any) and brokerage – Clients made huge loss. 


What I am able to guess from his banters in Tradetron’s telegram group that a nice guy named Danish started PaperStreet. Here is his handle – twitter.com/danishsq. Then, Foul mouth Vihan took over to show his colors. 

If you follow Danish’s twitter feed, the guy is too much nice to tell the kind of language Vihan uses.


Anyways, Tell this – What is the highest impact for a strategy creator to get subscriber in TradeTron? 


Here are the few points written according to the gravity-


The MarketPlace Page

The StrategyStats Page 

Tradetron’s Strategy of the Month – If you check the trend, they usually chose the one which makes highest money for them. That is perfectly fine too! At least, We have a valid metric. (Anyways, its wild guess.)


Ever Seen the movie Aparichit? 


If you haven’t seen it, I will show you Vihan and his multipersonal disorder but in his all disorders, He did looted retailers properly as well as used malpractice.



The StrategyStats Page

Before We discuss on manipulation of TradeTron so that We can get higher visibility We need to understand their page structures. 


The StrategyStats Page – It shows the Top Strategies in a ranked manner where You will find the second strategy of Paper Street comes straight at 19th Position

The MarketPlace Page

Before We discuss further, Here are some maths of the strategy having only profit sharing fee  – 

  • When he took a seminar and it had 3000 views, He had 30 subscriber in TradeTron. 
  • Our Strategy Dumb Straddle BN has 464 subscribers with 34 live deployment. It is 7% deployment. 
  • Algomatic’s SureShot BankNifty Option Bot 2.O  has 546 subscribers with 95 deployment. It is around 17%.
  • FirstChoice’s CrudeTiger has 15 live deployment among 123 subcribers. Its also around 12%.


Now see the rise of Paper Street’s strategies despite they are all also straddles and strangles (I am quite sure – His skillset is limited to Stockmock only.)

Back Story of How I caught it

I noticed after two months that He had created two versions of our Dumb Straddles when we have already wrote all the metrics in the public. 



I checked into the code and also found it is coded like a stupid kid. Everything was fine except the name having “F*ck” in it. 



I contacted Umeshji and He told he is neutral and He has no problem if I name my strategy “Chutiya Vihan”. (Pardon my language). Sometimes the only language these type of third class people will understand is their language.



So, I just gave my strategies free. Tradepick is open startup and We had reached our breakeven! So, I was happy! 


There was no reply from him. It is unusual for a bully like him not to reply. Last time when he replied, He left Tradetron and had to re-enter with a fake name lol.

Now a strange thing happened. Till my tweet and tag, there was only 1 Live Deployment of this “Fuck Dumb Straddle – BN”. Suddenly, I saw it was nearly at top of Page 2 with tons of new deployment. I thought “Wtf?”

So, I just gave my strategies free. Tradepick is open startup and We had reached our breakeven! So, I was happy! 


Refer – 

How to create Fake Live Deployments and Subscribers in TradeTron Like Vihan Singh

What I found was extremely dubious. He was creating lots of fake accounts who were signing up using fake emails and fake phone numbers. They are also subscribing one strategy which is his only.and they are deploying them in “Live -Auto” Mode. 


Here are such bot users – 












Note – In his later days, He has become smarter and subscribed few random strategies and deployed his own strategy at the end. Anyways, You will see the pattern if you see subscriber set from the middle. Old Strategies like “Chemical Burn” and “Penguin Cave” will have more mistakes of having just one strategy.


He had just discovered the scam then. So, Its called “Mistakes of First Timer.”

Remember this scene from Wolf of the Wall Street?


This image was in the first part of this article too. But I am keeping here too to emphasize that What is the end of Vihan’s scam tactics here!


Example of fake accounts created by Vihan Singh to make wrong subscriber counts as well as fake live deployment counts. 


This will inflate ego and keep him at #1 in the marketplace and well as let him keep screwing other retailers with new marketing gimmicks. I called Umeshji of Tradetron and asked about it. He told He will stay neutral and He will stay neutral if everyone else does the same thing too.


Now check who deployed the strategy from View all. All the subscriber will be auto removed as he made the strategies private and hence will have nothing in their profile as subbed.